Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Belts: The Inexpensive Way to Transition and Update Your Wardrobe

Ladies, are you suffering from a wardrobe budget crisis? Are you wondering how you are going to update your wardrobe this fall without breaking the bank? Well, the answer to this pressing dilemma can be found for less than $20. Belts! Unfortunately, the belt has been taken for granted in the accessories family. Frequently, the belt has been dismissed simply as something that keeps your pants from falling down or the accessory that addresses gapping jean waistbands. Yes, it's utility cannot be denied, but it is a styling tool that can take your wardrobe fundamentals from blah to rah!

Take for example your favorite floral, summer dress. If you want to take it into the fall, dust off your old denim button down shirt and pair it with the dress. Roll up the sleeves on your shirt, leave a few buttons open and throw a cute belt on over it. Wear your cowboy or ankle boots and shazam . . . the diva emerges!

Ok, so maybe you still aren't buying it. Let's say you have another cute, summer dress that you don't want to put away just yet. Throw on blazer and put a belt around the blazer and wear some opaque tights with it. Thanks to the blazer and belt, you can transition your summer wardrobe into the fall months. (You can even try a skirt suit with a slip dress underneath to wear to work by day. If you have a party to attend after work, slip off the skirt, unbutton the blazer, cinch it with a shiny belt, throw on some strappy sandals, and proper jewelry and you are ready for the night!)

Or try a corset belt over a fitted dress and layer it with a loose cardigan. It's gorgeous, makes your waist look small and adds a little umph to the dress. Even adding a skinny, patent leather belt to a standard sheath dress or skirt suit without anything more can add a bit more sophistication to the look.

Besides the great styling options, the best thing about belts is that you can find them really cheap. So next time you are shopping with your daughter at Mandee or Joyce Leslie, check out the belt selection and find some great ones for under $10. Or the next time you are at Target buying God knows what, go look in the belt section. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Also, try H&M, Forever 21, Arden B, Charlotte Russe and Zara for sylish and inexpensive options. Check out the images below for some great belted looks and update your wardrobe today!

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