Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shopping Your Closet: The Real Way to Discount Shop


I apologize for being M.I.A. for the past 8 days, but my real job has been kicking my tail. It's been so bad that despite the brisk weather, I still haven't turned over my closets for the fall/winter season. Nevertheless, with my jam packed schedule this weekend, I will make it my mission to get it done.

So, as I embark on this monumental task (my closet is too small and insane), I am digging out one of my old faithful tools so I can avoid buying things I don't need this season. This is, by far, my favorite wardrobe tool, even more than those Huggable Hangers. Ladies, I'd like to introduce you to the Wardrobe Worksheet! InStyle Magazine unveiled this a few years ago. The wardrobe worksheet forces you to inventory your closet in a meaningful way and gets you to really think about the many different ways you can wear the clothes you already have. Because of the worksheet, I ensure that I look fabulous all the time.

So here's how it works- First, you list 10 of your favorite pieces for the season. These are the things in your closet that make you feel your best, are appropriate for the season and fit really well. Then you list your 10 season appropriate basics. For instance, for the fall, we all should probably have a black turtleneck/sweater, black/grey classic slacks, a white button up shirt, heavy, dark rinsed jeans, a great heavy sweater, heavy leggings, and whatever else you tend to wear as your "go to" foundation pieces. Next, you start putting outfits together with those items while trying on shoes and bags to go with them. List those 10 seasonal shoes and bags that work with the outfits you created. Make sure to include a wedge, a skinny heel, a flat, a pair of great boots, a dressy bag, an every day bag and a funky bag to complement the host of looks you will create with all of the items you listed. As you are putting your lists and outfits together, keep in mind the things that you don't have that you really need. After doing all of this, you list the 10 items (or less) that you need to complete your wardrobe. Once you have created 10 or more looks, list them on the worksheet and use it as your cheat sheet when you are getting dressed.

Can't think of what to wear today? Look at your worksheet. If you are really into it, take pics of your outfits and start creating a "lookbook" with the wardrobe worksheet in front, followed by your outfit photos. I promise, it will save you time and money. Click on the link for your copy of the wardrobe worksheet.



  1. Thank you for the worksheet:)

  2. Thanks. I'd like to see photos of your lookbook.