Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Put a Ring on It!


With the holiday season swiftly approaching, there will be tons of parties and tons of opportunities to be fabulous. What better way to show how fab you are than by wearing some dazzling bling. So, I've done some investigative shopping and consulted my favorite fashion magazines, and I've discovered the following places to shop for on trend, low priced jewelry:

  • Recently featured in People Style Watch, this website offers celeb-and designer-inspired jewelry for less.
  • I discovered this site after one of my besties broke my favorite costume tennis necklace. I purchased the necklace at Impostors, a jewelry chain that sold beautiful costume jewelry. Unfortunately, the store went out of business. Nevertheless, in my search to replace the necklace, I found this site and it is quite impressive. Check it out if you are looking for gorgeous formal jewelry (although it has so much more to offer)!
  • I recently purchased two two-finger rings from an Afaze store in the mall. One said "Love" and the other was a blinged out gold-tone bar. I wore them both on one hand so it looked like the word "Love" was underscored by diamonds. Suffice it to say, it looked like a modern update of an 80s throwback. I was excited to learn that you can buy their merchandise online. Check them out!
  • I've mentioned the store before as a place to get great, basic tees. I also love their cocktail rings (which is my signature jewelry choice) for as low as $4 (and lots of choices at that price point as well).

I hope this helps in your holiday makeover. Enjoy!

XOXO- Ms. Diva

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